Design Enhanced Cabinet Series – New release!

Server cabinets are a core part of every data center on the world and because of an increasing data bandwidth it is constantly more challenging to accommodate all the equipment into the dedicated area while maintaining a good ventilation with reasonable airflow. Premium Line newly promoted design enhanced cabinets are ready to meet the requirements.

•    ANSI/EIARS-310-D
•    DIN41491; Part 1, IEC297-2
•    DIN41494; Part 7, GB/T3047.2-92
•    VDE 0100T 540 For Grounding Requirement

Server Cabinet Highlights:

•    High Efficiency Powder Coating
•    Excellent  Adhesive Capability
•    Scratch- Proof Performance            

Dark Color Toughened Glass Door

•    Absorbs Dazzling Lighting Generated by Telecom/Network Equipment Inside the Cabinet
•    Allows Operator/User For More Comfortable Operation

    Vertical Rail

•    Supports More Heavy Equipments
•    Supports Fixed Shelf Installation
•    Better Rust Resistance Owing To Galvanized Process

Improved Top Cover Perforation

•    Increased Ventilation Rate With Bigger Holes
•    Better Airflow Volume With Pre-Mounted Fan Units

Improved Welding Technology

•    More Stability With Heavy Loadout
•    Gap Uniformity Between The Backdoor And The Edge Of The Frame

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With our warmest regards,
Your sincere Premium Line sales team