Improved Lead Time of Fiber Cables

Base on our production expansion we are able to give you on following items an improved production time of 2 weeks out of Asia.

Outdoor Steel Armored Cable, Uni-tube & Multitube 
(Premium Line 2671, 2652, 2651 series and etc.)






Outdoor Non-Armored Cable, Uni-tube & Mulititube 

 (Premium Line 2631, 2621, 2642 series and etc.)






Indoor Tight Buffer Distribution Cable, aramid Yarn 

 (Premium Line 2613 series)




FTTH Drop Flat Cable, 1, 2, 4cores 




The cable times our standard once usually used for over 4 weeks, for now with 2 weeks new and faster lead time in general almost all key cables in Structured Cabling, this will help you for sure to improve your service at projects and emergency supply of continuous works in hand. 
We are also glad to work with you for specified/customized types Fiber Optic Cable, and dedicated to all the necessary supports to you to win it.