LSA Module

Connection Module

131210002, 131110000
131210002, 131110000


  • The connection module with connect feature provides an economical and high-density solution for horizontal or backbone voice and low speed data applications. 
  • Parallel tap on the front measuring and testing connection modules have one piece contact providing a continuous link between permanent wiring and jumper wiring, giving provision for Monitoring access & over voltage.
  • Earth module for connecting drain wires to an earth contact without soldering, wire-stripping or the use of screws.

LSA Module

131110000Premium Line 10 Pairs Connection Module, Full Grey
131310003Premium Line 10 Pairs Earth Module, Grey Base And Crimson body
131210002Premium Line 10 Pairs Disconnection Module, Grey Base And White body
139412009Premium Line Rack Mounted Modular Block,150 Pairs, 3U

Distribution Box

Premium Line offers both indoor & outdoor LSA Modular distribution box, for different application purpose use.

Indoor Distribution Box:

  • Easy lockable design
  • ABS material box, light weight
  • 50 pairs or 100 pairs for branch distribution 
  • 50 pairs, 190×205×105mm 
  • 100 pairs, 275×205×105mm.

Outdoor Distribution Box:

  • IP45 water proof design
  • UV cured ABS box for outdoor use
  • 50 pairs, 195×195×95mm
  • 100 pairs, 350×190×95mm

Distribution Box

138050000Premium Line 50 Pairs Indoor Distribution Box
138011000Premium Line 100 Pairs Indoor Distribution Box
137050000Premium Line 50 Pairs Outdoor Distribution Box
137011000Premium Line 100 Pairs Outdoor Distribution Box